Monday, May 24, 2010

New Look to Fedora Docs!

Have you seen the new Fedora Docs ( site?

A lot of awesome work went into the transformation.

Some it is a look an feel for the users. You can choose your language then the release and guide that interests you. The translation teams have been very busy getting many of the guides for F13 translated over the past few weeks.

What is the most exiting for those responsible for pushing content to the site though is the streamlined procedures. It all uses Publican now! This is just the latest in a series of steps making life for the docs team easier. Rudi even wrote up basic instructions for the publishing portion.

Many people from the docs team have written about the great work of the publican and translation teams. John specifically has a whole series centered about the great talent. The new procedures are SO much easier than they were in the past. I know I will someone or some team if I try to list anyone so I will just add my thanks to ALL and encourage others to look for all of John's posts as well as those from Eric, Paul, and others.

Behind the scenes there has also been a streamlining of the docs membership accounts. In the past we had to apply for a group and receive sponsorship for each guide we wanted to work on and there was frequently only one or two people with sponsor privileges. Anytime we had a bug stomping party or a group effort to bring a guide up to date for a new release we would have to hunt down access for a number of people.

Over the past week, nb has been handling the tedious job of moving all the guides under a few central groups. The "docs" group gets you started, "docs-writers" gives permission to write directly to the git/svn/cvs repositories where guides are eventually made available to translation teams and can built into different formats, and "docs-publishers" gives permission to make the built guides available on the website. Such simplicity! Each guide owner and contributor can now back each other up without having to wait for additional group sponsorship. We also upgraded a number of the currently active contributors to be sponsors and admins of these groups in hopes that it will be easier to get new contributors the access they need without delay.

Come join the fun!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Good Burger

A couple of weeks ago when visiting with friends in the Boston area on one end or the other of a work assignment, I got taken to a new-to-me restaurant in Lexington.

Nourish uses local ingredients and organic when possible. I figured I could find something to eat even if it required pulling the bread off a sandwich. It turned out that they have a special diets menu. It is a one pager that has a column of gluten free menu items and a column of vegan menu items. It had some very basic descriptions on it but I turned back to the regular menu for more details.

I had a burger, no bun, and a salad. Being a good meat, it was tasty. Way too often a burger out is over cooked and a bland. I usually order medium rare. At home, where I trust the meat and the handling completely, that is what I like. Since MR is the least that any restaurant is supposed to cook burgers, I find most of the time even when I ask for that I get closer to medium. At Nourish, I got closer to rare. It was still good but I may ask a few more questions next time.

The pot of tea was also very good.