Sunday, December 23, 2007


Dallas is flat. I grew up in the shadow of mountains and when I moved away I didn't realize how much I missed them until I went "home". I have since gotten more used to less mountains and I am still living among rolling hills, but I do still notice the flat and Dallas is flat. There is also something wrong with warm temperatures and Christmas lights - but I notice that other places too.

The Garden Inn that I stayed in had a fridge and microwave (and a good breakfast) so I ate in my room watching basketball most evenings and I visited two Whole Foods this trip. There was a time I was keeping track of all the Whole Foods I visited with a small attempt to visit them all. Then the company began growing so fast and buying so many other small companies there was no way I could keep up. I do still try to get new ones when I can. The Richardson one is small and I think I had been there many years ago on another trip. The Preston Rd one that I went to is much larger and seems new (maybe relocated from across the street). It has a candy shop. Not just a large collection of candies or chocolates but a setup to make candies -including Christmas chocolates of trains and snowmen, and other items.

I also spent two hours browsing around Fry's one evening.


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