Friday, January 18, 2008

Boston To Do List

I had a new and unusual experience this week - I found out about two restaurants that use organic ingredients. What is so new and unusual about that? It isn't the what - it is the where! I found out about them in the free magazines you find in a hotel room!

I usually find myself flipping through the Where magazine and whatever else I find in the hotel room at some point during my stay. This week I discovered two places to try - which at this point it will be on a future visit. Henrietta's Table in Harvard Square look fancy but once in a while it is important to max out the expense account. Life Alive - Urban Oasis and Organic Cafe in Lowell looks all veggie so I may not find as many people interested in going with me, but I'm good with tofu once in a while.

There is also a brand new Hampton Inn and Suites near the office that I need to check into for my next trip. If I can get a room with a fridge for a similar price and a much shorter commute, life will be very good.


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