Friday, October 17, 2008

re: travel stories and travel blogs

Yes. I am still training.
No. I am not traveling as much. But who knows what next week will bring...

But there have been a number of small stories running around in my head that I have been meaning to post.

When I was in Las Vegas I spent a few hours in a bookstore just browsing and I found a book title The Traveling Curmudgeon by Jon Winokur.

It is mostly quotes about traveling from around the world and from many time periods. There is an introduction that describes - much better than I can - how most interesting travel stories are rarely happy stories and most were no where near funny at the time they were happening. They are mostly about lost luggage, canceled flights, sick children, and other such adventures.

It struck me as very true and as a reason I wouldn't expect anyone but a few close friends to ever find anything interesting in my travel stories. I was also thinking about this book and what could be boring travel stories as I was following the Olympics in August. I have always found the stories about the local culture or what it took to get there the most interesting. Since I had the privilege of traveling to Beijing in 2000, it was also fun to see if I could tell from photos and video what had changed. What I most enjoyed though were the blogs of the athletes that shared the behind the scenes view of traveling to the Olympics.

My favorites were of the months running up to the Equestrian portions in Hong Kong.
Here is a list of some of the ones I was reading - some were just for the Olympics, others have continued since and you have to look at the July and Aug posts to get the Olympic travel stories:

2008 Olympic Blogs (a list of blogs including some below)
Inside the O'Connor Cavalry
Beezie Madden
Notes from Debbie McDonald
Rachel Dawson (Tar Heel Field Hockey)

Happy reading!


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