Thursday, January 22, 2009


I had a flashback today - to my undergrad years and the brief time I spent with the campus radio station WMFO.

Here's how it happened:
UNC Women's Basketball team is away at Georgia Tech.
The local radio coverage is an AM station that I cannot get at home after dark because I live too far away.
The local internet broadcast requires SilverLight 2.0 which is not available for my Linux boxes.
The Georgia Tech radio station - WREK - is broadcasting the game and has free online streaming.

So I am listening to the GT announcers. But it is the ads that remind me that it is a campus radio station which in turn takes me down memory lane. There are several ads for regular WREK programming. It was the ad for the program "Coffee and Sushi" that made think if college and also think that I should post.

[note: we were ahead by 15, now it is tied. I better "Go where I go, do what I do" as Woody would say.]


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