Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LInuxCon 2015 - Seattle

More catching up...

LinuxCon Day1 

As usual I was awake early, very early. So a walk and a Whole Foods breakfast were accomplished in time to catch all the keynotes. The first was a snooze. I understand large sponsors getting time with a captive audiance but I really wish they would not just give a sales pitch.  They could have announced their new offering in under 5 minutes, listed the related talks and booth locations, and talked about something more interesting than price points of a mainframe.

The second keynote was "How Collaborative Systems are Reinventing Capitalism" byRobin Chase, Founder of Zipcar and Author of Peers Inc.  It was an interesting talk but not what I expected for a LinuxCon audience. By the end the loose ends did eventually tie her Peers, Inc. concept to Open Source collaboration with the idea for Peers, Peers where both innovative user experience and innovative platform environments.

The final keynote of Day 1 was "Full Sail Ahead: What’s Next For Container Technology" presented by several Docker employees and complete with live demos - always a fascinating thing made even more impressive by running smoothly. A key element here was the introduction to notary options - verified and signed containers not just trusted repositories.

Also announced at the keynotes was the Core Infrastructure Initiative which was also discussed more at the Linux Security Summit a few days later.

I ducked into a few talks on Monday including "Why be a Rock Star Developer when you can be a Willie Nelson" by Rikki Endsley but mostly I just worked the hallway track and got my slides finalized and uploaded.

The Monday Evening event, open to Speakers and VIPs, was at Chihuly Garden and Glass I was very excited for this event.  The glass is spectacular.

LinuxCon Day 2

Day 2 turned into a security day for me. 

The first Keynote was a video conference with Bruce Schneier, renowned security technologist and CTO, Resilient Systems where he discussed "Attacks, Trends and Responses". Mostly he talked about the Sony attack and how that has affected the security playing field.

In addition to my talk, I popped into a couple of other security related sessions:

Evening Booth Crawl was crowded and I did not find any food or drink that fits my dietary restrictions. I did finally find a quieter area and some good conversation.

LinuxCon Day 3

The most notable sessions from Day 3 were Repeatable Processes for Building Secure Containers with Ryan Jarvinen & Dan Walsh (which was really an introduction to OpenShift 3) and Container Security - Past, Present & Future presented by Serge Hallyn from Canonical.

Lunch with the Linux Foundation Instructors was a highlight of the day. I was actually most surprised that Rock Bottom Brewery could find something I could eat.  The afternoon booth drawings were a bust and I was just plain tired by the time of the evening event at the EMP Museum. My favorite was the Animation Art of Chuck Jones "What's Up Doc?" exhibit. 


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