Monday, December 19, 2016

RIP my sweet Cleo

Cleo: July 14, 1998 - Dec 19, 2016

Cleo came into my world as a playful kitten. The most playful of the bunch. She (with the white paws) and her litter mate Toni were born to an Abyssinian show cat that had gotten together with the neighborhood Tabby. A friend of a friend knew I was looking for some housemates and well... you know.

Of course she loved homemade catnip toys and playing with rope and laser pointers.  She preferred high perches including the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Then there was lying in the sun or curling in a warm bed.

I do not have as many recent photos. She either comes at the camera and they are a blur or she is asleep.  This one is from earlier this month as she kept me company in my home office.

Her sister, Toni, is still with me.  Currently curled up under my comforter taking her half out of the very middle of a queen sized bed. Its just us now, kid.


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