Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Camera yields basketball photos.

The Tar Heel Women played Carson-Newman in their second and last exhibition game. They won as expected and by a lot as expected. It was a miserable rainy night and not a lot of fans braved the weather to attend. The place really could have used a bit more fan energy.

I have a new camera so I was not paying as much attention to the overall game as I was trying to get some good action shots. I took 156 photos filling 1.1G of the memory card. When I got home, I narrowed that down to about 50 that I liked. So far I have less than 20 of those cropped and/or scaled down for sharing.

I was WOW-ed with the first game. This one showed more of the same energy, speed, good ball handlers, and tall rebounders. There is a LOT of potential in there and they are real quick learners putting it all together. Now, if we can keep that energy when we get to some tougher competition...

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