Saturday, November 14, 2009

Season Opener

There was a good showing of fans for the UNC Women's Basketball season opener. It was Friday night, the weather was improving, the next day would have the final home football game, and the Carolina Fever group showed up. All this totalled up for a much better crowd than the previous exhibition game.
The women played in the Smith Center last year while their arena was being renovated. Carmichael is not quiet ready yet, so this year is also starting at the Smith Center. Finally, this year, they get to enjoy a few of the other perks of the Smith Center. Someone came to dim the lights and run a spot for the team introductions.

It was all still way too loud while playing the video but I suppose that is what many fans expect or want. I have noticed that the band director wears earplugs.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the ACC, Virginia head coach Debbie Ryan earned her 700th-career victory and N.C. State women's basketball coach, Kellie (Jolly) Harper got her first NCSU win. All the other ACC teams that played also won.


Collection of recaps from
Raleigh N&O article on NCSU.
My photos of the UNC game.

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