Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A cold start

Weather dominated a large part of my local world for the start of 2018.

In both the duration of the cold:

And the low temperatures (I saw -1 F at my place! Brrrrr!!!!):

Central NC doesn't usually get cold enough long enough for much running water to freeze. And yet:

The little snow we got was very pretty.

I like living far enough north that we get this once or twice a year and far enough south that we can usually wait out the melting. This one took a lot longer to melt though!

Of course, since we do not usually have this kind of weather, it also comes with all its problems. This area gets laughed at for cancelling school on a forecast, but the normal infrequency means only enough equipment for clearing emergency routes and making sure kids are not stranded at school overnight. There were school delays and cancellations from the cold that overshadowed the one day where the cancellation were more about the snow. When you rarely need them, you generally also don't have engine warmers for ALL the buses that need to be started in the mornings. And there are some long cold routes to cover as well.

I did have to get the furnace fixed but with good insulation, a space heater, and the neighbors, I easily survived 24 hours with no heat in the house.  I did fine with water but I know people with frozen well heads and pipes. The towns were also kept hopping to fix water main breaks. Ours just don't make the news like JFK Airport! I got heat back just before the snow arrived and was lucky enough to not loose power (and heat) that night when transformers blew. The picture posted was beautiful but I would have been willing to miss out on that in exchange for a quiet and warm night for all.

And now that things are beginning to thaw, we will find the next round of issues.

I have friends and family in the Boston area so I was keeping an eye on the big storm there too as well as the weather near family in NH.  We are getting an early start to the total cost of weather disasters for the year (NPR just reported on 2017).

Today is warm(ish) and sunny. A good day for an outside walk. Bring on the rest of the year!


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