Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome to 2018

I'm not one for New Years Resolutions. I always have a rotating TODO list of things I want to get done such as what I posted in October. The goals all center around doing good, supporting good, aiming for more happy and less stress, and living healthy and within any budgets.

I think I saw (not sure where, possibly an NPR article) that 90% of people do not stick to New Year's Resolutions they make but people who make resolutions are 10 times more likely to make a change in their life (than those not setting a resolution). I don't think it matters when you make the resolutions - or if you call them setting goals. I think telling someone, even a diary or the vast waste of an outdated internet blog, helps a person hold themselves accountable to the goal. That is where the 10x more likely to make it happen comes from.  I have my list of projects for home and plenty of choices for work related new learning. There are items from both those lists already in motion with others keeping me accountable to my goals.

What is hard for me is the cheesy new year better health resolution stuff.  I am (or can be) good about what I eat but I have an ongoing battle with motivation to get enough movement in my life. A couple of years ago I was doing really well keeping moving. Not so much lately so it is time to get moving again. More moving should result in less weight and better breathing. I should spend more time at the barn. Swimming will continue to happen in the warmer 2/3 of the year. Anything outside in the cold is pretty much impossible at the moment. There won't be any "first day" (outdoor) efforts this year. I do not run. But I do walk and I do enjoy walking on trails (light hiking).

So the new goal for me in 2018 involves hiking and seeing new parks. I have picked three resources to help:

I have followed the The Mountains to Sea Trail project for years. I have walked several of the local sections. It will takes years, if ever, to see all the sections but adding a few more this year should be realistic. If I can get moving enough, it would be worth returning to some of the mountain trails I have not seen since I was a teenager.

The North Carolina 100-Mile Challenge is an initiative launched by North Carolina State Parks a couple of years ago. They even have a way to earn badges which usually helps (is encouraging) more than hinders (gets depressing) in terms of my motivation.

Both of those resources provide suggestions for where to explore. The final resource is publicly tracking where I have gone with my own Map.

With that extra outdoor movement, I hope I can also get back to another hobby I have recently set aside. I want to take my camera out and take more pictures. I also want to get some of my photos printed and on the walls. Someday I need to sit down and make some decisions (ug!). I need to pick which ones and what sizes and go ahead and get them printed and framed.

There. Said. Recorded. Goal Set.

If you are local to central NC and want a walking buddy, even occasionally, reach out. Or if you have room in a Garmin group for tracking steps and other activities, I would welcome an invite. I have benefited in the past from seeing that a buddy did something, anything really, in an activity tracker group, even if it is something I cannot (or am not interested) in doing.

Happy New Year!!


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