Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Writing Summary - late summer 2019

I've done some (ok, very little) writing for in the past and I still have some notes for more articles that keep getting pushed aside. This site is almost 10 years old, community driven (with Red Hat Sponsorship), and tries to cover a variety of open topics, products, projects, and distributions.

This summer, some of the staff from that project switched over to help Red Hat start a new blog for system administrators called Enable Sysadmin. As the name implies it is focused on system administration topics and as a corporate blog it can also be a bit more Red Hat product specific. In addition to a small staff, a few part time contractors, and a number of Red Hat employee contributors, they do accept and encourage community contributions.

I have enjoyed being one of the early authors. Of course, like all my writing projects, I have plenty more ideas in my head and not enough focus to get them organized in a timely manner.

So far I have written two articles about using SSH keypairs, two articles about SELinux, and a short article about cybersecurity awareness month.

How to manage multiple SSH key pairs

Passwordless SSH using public-private key pairs

Accessing SELinux policy documentation

Four semanage commands to keep SELinux in enforcing mode

Security advice for sysadmins: Own IT, Secure IT, Protect IT


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