Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have not been training as much lately but I have been getting more involved in the Fedora Project. I attended FUDcon F11 and had a wonderful time meeting new people. I learned a lot about how the project is run and suddenly I find myself with plenty of tasks to keep me busy.
  • I was already helping the docs project with general wiki maintainance (renaming, categorization, and now also patrolling) and learning about MediaWiki.
  • I hope to do more with the updates to the various guides, especially the Users Guide and the Installation Guide, which will update my DocBook skills and teach me Publican.
  • After FUDcon I found I had volunteered to herd cats - er - assist the Packaging Guide folks from a docs standpoint and that has evolved into helping with some other packaging related pages and documents as well.
  • I will be helping with the transition of some content to a CMS and so am learning about Zikula and also have been invited to assist the infrastructure team (now there is a lot of opportunity to keep busy!)
It is all interesting and lot of fun. It is also a group of international people so the hours are bit interesting. I seem to find myself asleep when many of the interesting conversations occur. Or I end up staying up too late and finding that morning comes too early.

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