Thursday, February 19, 2009


Some of my readers may have noticed that I changed the location of the this blog. Others will not even notice since there is a redirect in place.

When I started I did not yet have my company domainname registered so I used the blogger domain with the free hosting. I choose the hostname of laubersolutions since this is about my travels while training for my company.

Then I finally registered for my company and now that it has been yet another year since, I thought it was time to put the blog in that domain. Especially since blogger (now part of google) lets me do it for free and redirects the old name. How much easier can it get? The final motivation was deciding to do this before getting onto Fedora Planet.

My dilemma was whether it should be or something else. Since "The Traveling Trainer" is more about my personal life even if it is on the road mostly for work, I decided on This leaves the name available if (or rather when) I get around to setting up a company blog with more on the business itself (instead of me personally) and the technical aspects of Lauber System Solutions (like more linux and application posts).

Anyways - if you have my site bookmarked in the old location, you may want to change it to the new location:


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