Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Golden Shovel of Wiki Gardening Award?

Thanks Karsten for mentioning the work done on the Fedora Docs Project wiki cleanup. I didn't know there was a Golden Shovel of Wiki Gardening Award.

It has also been fun reading up on the packaging guidelines and package maintainers procedures. That renaming work is moving along nicely as well. Check out the new entry point for the Package Maintainers - it is the category page so any new pages will automatically show up at the bottom simply by adding [[Category:Package Maintainers]] at the bottom of the page. That work was just done this past weekend, so I was very pleased to see an email this morning pointing another user to a process page by using the NEW page name.

It is easy to use the old names since they redirect with most people not even noticing. This means that many others who are working at this cleanup in other groups go unnoticed. So I would like to pass on the Golden Shovel of Wiki Gardening Award to Fabian Affolter who has been moving a number of the user pages around. He has been working on moving and redirecting the pages of [[FirstnameLastname]] to the format of [[User:loginname]] and the only reason I noticed was by seeing all the moves in the Special:RecentChanges page of the wiki.

Finally, for those that don't know (or don't remember), this "wiki cleanup project" is accomplishing several task but the biggest is to make the search feature work better for everyone. In my mind, this is especially important for new users so that they can find what they need and stick around to help Fedora grow. It is not a hard task. Anyone can help. Find out how in #fedora-docs.


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