Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keyboards do not like milk.

When I was a kid, my mother never let me take food or drink out of the kitchen (unless it was for a picnic outside).

Most data centers do not allow food or drink at all.

There is a reason.

Luckily this geek has plenty of spare parts around the house.
And good thing it wasn't the laptop.


PS: old IBM PS2 keyboards are heavy and click very loudly.


Anonymous said...

Keyboards also do not like tea. Some years ago, my laptop's keyboard stopped working (in a useful way) after having two or three gulps of tea. The laptop itself survived.

But some months ago, I had an olive-oil accident in my backpack while my netbook was in it too. Nothing happened to the device! (But all paper in the backpack was crap afterwards - and the backpack was hard to clean, too)...well, oil drippled out of the netbook for some days, but it always worked.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I happened to spill my canned peaches on myself as I read this during my lunch break. No computers peripherals were damaged in the process, but now I get to spend the rest of the work day telling this embarrassing story. You've been warned, this post is contagious like yawning.

Anonymous said...

Once, not realizing that there was a half-full coffee cup in the same spot, I sat my phone in my car's cup holder while picking someone up from a meeting. Surprisingly, even after soaking in coffee for half an hour, the device was fine after drying off. Good thing I take my coffee black.

Sorry about your keyboard, but I actually prefer louder keyboards. There's a sense of satisfaction that comes from banging those keys...

Anonymous said...

I once smashed a ThinkPad keyboard, and had nightmares about being without my laptop for weeks. IBM FedExed me a keyboard, and they had a video online for how to replace it. Turned out to be a five minute job, easier than threading the cable from the desktop keyboard through the maze of wires here.

Anonymous said...

"PS: old IBM PS2 keyboards are heavy and click very loudly. "

But they are the best keyboards ever, and laugh in the face of a mere liquid spill.