Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If only I had more time...

Fedora 12 released today. I did not do much for the Docs Project for this release. Based on the timing of releases and my work schedule it is beginning to look like I may only get to work on odd numbered releases. I did some review work for a few of the guides though and mostly kept up with the mailing list. I do know that jjmcd once again put in a LOT of work on the Release Notes and rudi wrangled a lot of guides through translations.

I did get to work with the beta a lot more on this release in conjunction with another project. I finally took the time to look at the new features of the anaconda installer since its rewrite for Fedora 11. I even experimented with an encrypted partition. I also have decided that I do prefer GNOME to KDE for an overall desktop even though I have used several KDE applications for years. I guess I just believe in old school keep it simple and string em together UNIX philosophy. Launching the all in one control center to get to one of the modules just drives me nuts. Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to work with the updates to virtualization and the selinux sandbox. These areas encompass the most interesting new features for my uses and I am looking forward to learning more.

I did submit one "not a bug" and felt pretty stupid after but I guess it better to submit a "not a bug" than to not submit a bug at all. I still need to figure out what bug to add to for getting my the tablet part of my laptop to work. Fedora 11 Live found it "out of the box" by Fedora 12 (live or DVD) does not know it exists. I have not had time to figure out if I can make it work.



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Kevin Kofler said...

FYI, you can use kcmshell4 to invoke individual configuration modules rather than the whole System Settings.