Friday, January 22, 2010

And my car is old too

So the plan was to go get my teeth cleaned then come home and finish laundry and cleaning and packing for my next trip. I have three weeks in a row of travel and for one of those I will probably drive rather than fly. The car will need an oil change when I get home and it would be a 120,000 service as well but everything is up to date for the upcoming trip.

So it seems I am all organized for the next several weeks, right. Then you know *something* is going to go wrong. The "service engine soon" light comes on early this morning. This is normally an emission thing. Not urgent but not something you leave until after a long drive out of town. And today is the only day I am in town and the service center is open.

So the result is a couple of emission related items and a couple of 120,000 mile items and a large enough bill that they offer a free rental car for the day.

Ok, I leave the car, I take the rental, I continue home to deal with that laundry and cleaning and packing... and leave the house key at the service center... and the spare is not where it is supposed to be...

So much for getting in a nap before the ballgame tonight.


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