Monday, January 4, 2010

Year in Reveiw - Year Ahead - The geek stuff

So I thought I would join the masses and reflect on the past year and the new year. What I did, what I did not do, what I want to to do next.

I did get to FUDCON 11 last Jan and really enjoyed it and then did a lot of docs work and wiki cleanup for Fedora 11. I did not get to do as much work on Fedora 12 within docs though I did more testing as part of a separate project. I also had to miss FUDCON 13 but I am looking forward to getting a bit more involved again with docs and I still want to learn more about packaging and do more than just lurk in infrastructure.

There really is not anything new for me in the Red Hat world. I still enjoy teaching. There was not as much work as I would have liked, but I got by and so far the new year is starting well. The classes did add something called "interactives" and I am getting used to those. I also really like the new instructor setup procedures. I am hoping to see a new version of RHEL this year - Fedora is so different now! Oh, and Summit is back in Boston this year and I really want to attend. I should be able to swing the travel costs - anyone want to sponsor me for a conference pass?

I have learned a bit more about organizing, resizing, cropping, and generally working with photos. I also got a new camera! In addition to learning more about taking photos and managing my photos, I would like to learn more about inkscape and I plan to work on some player profile collages for the basketball booster club.

I was going to learn more about content management systems this past year but that seems to have gotten lost. Meanwhile I now have three specific projects that I can help with as a learning tool. One wants to use Alfresco which is java based (not my interest), one is using Zicula (php based). The last one is looking at Drupal (also php based) but another option there is also Zikula since there is already some Postnuke (the predecessor to Zikula) available to them.

I definitely need to clean up my new laptop which has been used recently for rawhide and F12 testing and get it the way I want it so that I can add some virtual machines with the different CMS and start learning and comparing. I'll need it fixed up for F13 work as well.


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