Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cats can count

Cats can count, or at least keep track of days. This is not news to any cat owners, myself included, but it was brought to my attention this week.

I usually travel for 5 nights with occasional trips that are 4 or 6 nights. My parents act as cat sitters when I am away. My cats are never happy with this arrangement but after 10 years, they tolerate it and are usually under foot looking for food and back scratches.

My last trip was for 8 nights and I was due home very late that last day. Weather was also raising questions as to if the late flight would even happen. My parents stopped in to feed the cats.... and got hissed at. They had had enough. When I got home later that night I was snubbed at first. Then throughout the night I was awakened with purring and nudges for scratches. Forgiveness? More likely payback.


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