Saturday, January 30, 2010

Events FAD

A group got together in Raleigh this weekend to talk about Fedora Events. The first part included talking about what works and what does not work for FUDcons and FADs. Everything from budgets, sponsors, locations, advanced planning, live streaming, post event replays and recaps, surveys, and more.

It sounded interesting and I had a little time on Friday while I was proctoring an exam so I popped into the chat rooms. I would have stayed longer, but I spent the afternoon rearranging travel plans after I received an alerted that my flight home for Saturday was cancelled because of the snow in Raleigh.

Max says that Mel and Jon really offered great summaries of the first day of the FAD. The work continues at the hotel in Raleigh with even more people remotely testing the live streaming and remote participation aspects of events.
At least that work was already a major part of the agenda!

Meanwhile, I go straight to my next teach job without a night at home.


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