Thursday, January 7, 2010

Year in Reveiw - Year Ahead - Home sweet Home

I actually spent more time at home this year than I have in a while. I had a couple of work projects that let me work from home. That was good. The other time was for lack of work. That was bad. I had the time to work on projects but was resisting spending the money on any of the projects. The weather also did not cooperate as much as I would have linked.

I did get the gutters cleaned and gutter guards installed. I also did get the retaining wall put in along with some of the grading to fill in behind that. I still need to put the stone on the top and also the on the front porch and the patio. I know what I want, I just need to go pick it out and get it delivered. It has been too cold and wet to work on anyways. That task gets moved to the spring list. I also still need more mulch but there is a little more grading to do and for the past few months it has been too wet. I do not want a drought or anything, but getting 6 months worth of rain in such a short time this fall has not been fun either.

Inside I had picked out some additional lights to replace the plain light bulbs that I have been living with for a couple of years. One was on backorder but finally arrived. I also lucked into finding a dining room light while out picking up ceiling fans for the bedrooms. Those have all been installed now.

I have ideas for some additional organizing of the office and painting a couple of rooms which are probably next on my list. The larger projects are going to have to wait for a while yet.

It is nice not having anything urgent so I can actually enjoy the projects.


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