Sunday, December 17, 2017

ATO2017 - A (late) summary

Just a few thoughts on All Things Open 2017:
(and a record of sessions attended for CISSP continuing education credits).

This event - which happened way back in October - just keeps growing. It is already almost too big!

Sunday: I made it to the early checkin and social in the evening. The location for the social is a cute place. It hosts local art and for the October dates, some spooky themes. Many thanks to Red Hat - specifically the Red Hat Open Source Stories team - for the sponsorship. I am not sure how many people realized that their videos (which are amazing!) were running on the TVs around the space.

Monday: After scoring a pair of socks from, I focused on the Security track with the following sessions:





I also attended one security related talk from the DevOps track:


Chatter on twitter was coming mostly from the the community track which was nice since those talks always have some good stuff in them but I would have liked to hear a bit more about the other technical talks I was skipping. That is the problem with SO MANY tracks. It can be hard to choose where to invest your time.

Tuesday: I attended a couple talks in the Education track and explored the hallway a bit. Unfortunately one of the talks I had to leave due to asthma triggered by (chemical) cologne worn by another attendee. I never really got to feeling all that great the rest of day and headed out early to go home.



I was also asked about the Fedora branded long sleeve white button up shirt I was wearing.  Info is here:

Some slides from the conference are posted at:

A comment on the focus and participation.
I overhead a conversation at lunch one of the two days that despite the name of "ALL" things open, this conference was very developer focused. I think that is and always has been  the intent of this conference. The person who was a bit disappointed is more of an admin and ops person.  I do remember having a few more interesting admin and community options in previous years but that may have more to do with what I was looking for those years. Also this year was in competition with a big conference in Europe that altered the attendance some. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Seeing the same people at all the conferences can result in really good talks by experienced presenters but it can also mean that there is not enough growth and encouragement for new talent in the industry.

As long as this a local, low cost, and fits my schedule, I will continue to attend and offer to speak. Even if it is more developer focused than my usual activities.

Save the dates:  Oct 21-23, 2018.


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