Thursday, December 21, 2017

Year in Review - Red Hat training activity

I have been a certified instructor since the beginning of the program in 1999. I have contracts with delivery partners and am required to keep up on my skills and other information around the program.  This a roundup of information from 2017 which is relevant to this part of my world.

Red Hat Certification updated certification titles  at the end of 2017.

Certification Magazine also did a "deep dive" but only managed to get male respondents. There are a lot of talented women out there with RHCE certification. They really missed a market.

Most of my deliveries for the year involved keeping current with the updates to  DO280 (OpenShift Administration), RH403 (Satellite 6), and DO407 (Ansible). Those were mostly point release refreshes.

Red Hat Training expanded the OpenShift curriculum to include an introductory course (Which is an absolute required prerequisite!) common to both the administration and developer track. The administration course became an Admin I class and a new Admin II course was released in December.  The updates to the developer track are in progress. Interestingly the OpenShift resources page has not yet been updated to reflect this new course outline.

Ansible by Red Hat updated their offerings and also opensourced the Tower project this year.

The Ansible team has been on the road offering short training sessions.

Red Hat Training also updated the DO407 course and expanded offerings with a DO409 Tower course.

The video courses that are a part of the Red Hat Learning Subscription - and which I have had the privilege to be involved with - were recognized for
"Best Use of Video" by Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning.

Red Hat Training also continues to release introductory videos on their YouTube channel and courses in partnership with EdX.

I met some of the North America Red Hat Academy instructors at the annual instructor conference. I "herded cats" to get most of the instructors together for a pre conference gathering and several sales partners came to meet us too.  It was supposed to be a chance for newer instructors and sales partners to "Ask an RHCA" about upper level training paths.  Mostly we just sat around and talked about all sorts of things. It was a great evening!  The EMEA team posted their training partner recognition in this blog posting. If the NA team announced the recognition from our conference, I missed it.

I also had one delivery of RH236 (Gluster) and one delivery of DO405 (Puppet with Satellite 6.1). These had not updated since I last taught them but that creates its own preparation issues to compare the content in the course to the current released products.

Near the end of the year I was also "honored" with the responsibility of delivering the pilot of the updated RH318 (RHV 4.1) course. That course is available as of this week. Pilots are always more work but the challenge does lead to finding all the new cool features of a product. I really like some of the new disk image management processes and I am looking forward to the next update with some more self hosted manager improvements. I think the WebUI is also still due to change.

On the agenda for the coming week is to finish my updated course reviews so I am ready for:
  • DO180, DO280, and DO380 - DO280 has has a minor updated since I last taught it and DO380 is a new course for me.
  • RH318 - A quick review of the final content plus a look ahead at what is coming from upstream for RHV4.2
  • DO409 - I still need to review the course materials for the new Ansible Tower class.
  • RH403 - Satellite 6.3 beta is now available. Time to check out the new features.
I also want to get involved in the Ansible Lightbulb project.

In many ways it was a light year for me in Red Hat training courses. I didn't even add a new certification! (I'll have to get on that for 2018). I was working on a curriculum project with another client much of the year and juggling some personal issues.

I still love teaching Red Hat Certification courses. They are some of the best out there and when the students come in with the prerequisites we all learn a lot and have a good time.  Work hard. Play hard.

Go learn stuff!


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