Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Themes and Layouts

The layout of this blog was past getting on my nerves. It was an old theme, probably now a "classic" theme, from when I started the blog many (many, many, get off my lawn) years ago.

Blogger got acquired, options got updated, and the look of the theme I had got narrow.  I tried just adjusting the widths. That was "not available for this theme".  So I clicked around a bit and picked something else not too objectionable. 

I did edit and repost the last entry I made. I wanted the pictures to be placed better. But perfection was not to be. At least not tonight. 

I skimmed some other old posts - only a couple of pages worth - and most do not look to bad with the change.

The edit mode is still narrow and not anywhere near wysiwyg. This makes it hard to place pictures and text together nicely.  I may have to try some more options soon.  I may need to find a better host. Change is hard though.


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