Friday, December 22, 2017

Year in Review - reconnecting with Cloudera Training

I already wrote about Red Hat adventures of the past year but that is not the only part of my (professional) world. I also do some work with Apache Hadoop, mostly in partnership with Cloudera, Inc. I did not make any of the big data conferences this year but I did reconnect with Cloudera Training and Certification.

Apache Hadoop just had a release update but I am not sure when enough changes will trigger a major update to the downstream enterprise products.

The big news of the year for Cloudera as a company was the IPO (unfortunately they did not have a friends offering but hey, it isn't the big boom days either).

Over the past couple of years Cloudera has been moving their certifications to hands-on. This is a "good thing".

The big new class of the year is the Big Data Architecture Workshop which I have not yet had the chance to attend but am very interested (anyone care to sponsor me?). I do need to learn a bit more of the data science developer side first.

This year I had a chance to see some of the Cloudera Training OnDemand training (which they launched in 2016) and continue to contribute to some of their course materials.

A couple of related topics that I would like to explore in the coming months.
  • Integrating Cloudera Manager and FreeIPA. CM recognizes AD and direct admin connections to an MIT KDC but for FreeIPA it needs a custom script. 
  • Expore how the open Ambari manager works with securing hadoop clusters when using FreeIPA for the KDC. It appears to have been available as experimental since Ambari 2.4 according to this article.
  • Investigate Hadoop ecosystem and similar products  with Containers. Such as Machine Learning on OpenShift and Kubernetes and Big Data and Apache Spark on OpenShift Pt. I (2016)

It can be interesting to see the different and similar ways that companies manage curriculum development. Some day maybe I will see if I can get the permissions needed to share my amusements. Of course I have an opinion on which ways are better - just let me check on who is paying my fees for this week....  😇

I'll end with a plug for the Cloudera Training 2018 schedule since I hope that they sell enough seats to need me to teach! :)

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