Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Holiday week

This is a holiday week. Most of my clients are shutdown for the whole week. Even the local library has a few extra days closed.  It means it should also be a week of personal time for me. Of course, as a small business owner who runs the company on a calendar year cash basis, it is the week I make sure all the paperwork is in order for end of year accounting and taxes. It is also a week where I can use self paced and online learning to catch up on some work related but non-billable professional development. 

While this blog was created to share the more personal and fun side of my professional life shared, it was still intended to stay professional. Sometimes the two mix and this week I am going to try to keep my writings less technical and more personal.

I will start with reading lists. All the year end best reads are out and I am looking for something fun.

NPR has 374 to choose from in their Book Concierge app.

TechGirlz suggested A Mighty Girl list.

Opensource.com has 10 must-read DevOps resources (see I can't stay away from work related topics completely)

I also need to get a copy of Despite the Height (and see if I can get it signed at a game this season).


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