Sunday, December 17, 2017

Triangle InfoSeCon - a (late) summary

Just a few thoughts on Triangle InfoSeCon 2017:
(and a record of sessions attended for CISSP continuing education credits).

A collection of available slides is at:

For the most part I got into my first choice of talks each session. At least one was full before I decided. While this conference has less tracks than All Things Open (at the same venue) it has only a few less attendees. The people to seat ratios mean that some sessions are very full.

Low Hanging Fruit – Protecting Yourself from Ransomware by Being Brilliant at the Basics (Slides)
An entertaining speaker with good information but the all too common "too much info for the allocated time". I look forward to hearing from him again in the future.

The 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Don't Have Better IT Security And Where to Start

The Machine Fights Back: AI and the Future of Cyber Defense (Afternoon Keynote) by Nicole Eagan - CEO at DARKTRACE
Fascinating implementation of learning patterns for each deployment instead of always comparing to a common and usually too generalized baseline. 

Basic Web Threat Hunting
You cannot go wrong with a reference to regex golf!

Recent Developments in the Law of Cybersecurity
I think this is was an update of last year. Not as much has changed but I do hope this type of talk continues to get offered.

Trends in Healthcare Information Security and Privacy - Panel Discussion
This ended up being more about Security IT in hospitals and such. Very informative on how recent FDA instructions impact the fight to get vendors to allow OS updates on equipment. However, I was hoping for some information about how trends are impacting the individuals and doctor-patient relationships. Topics such as the privacy of data collected on wearable devices and the risks of attack through pacemakers and insulin pumps.

I also stayed for the After Dark session to race a drone and do a little electrical work.

Or rather try to race a drone. I did get it to take off and cross the first low wire. I also managed to crash it once and flip it once.

The electronics session was hosted by Kramden Institute. They were testing a new class for summer camp. 

Save the date: Oct 26, 2018


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